All Aboard! All Aboard!

The Christmas season is in full swing and if I was being completely honest I am having a most difficult time being all merry and bright this year.  I can’t quite place my finger on exactly what is troubling me but I just know that usually I am the one full of Christmas spirit and this year I am the one that most wants it all to pass us by.  That being said we had booked tickets for the the Santa Train way back in September and it’s a good thing that we did because all of the dates for the Santa Train are currently sold out!!


We had a forty five minute drive out to the Inglewood train station and then about a fifteen minute wait in the shivering cold for the train to arrive, but when it finally arrived the kids were so excited to see it!   I’m not sure how much I’ve written about this before on my blog, but Jacob loves to play trains and it is currently his most favourite thing to play with his Daddy and even by himself.  We’ve had these tickets for a long while now and Jacob has asked us several times when the day would come that he’d be able to hop on board the Santa Claus train and we were pretty excited to finally tell him that the day had arrived!! 

The Santa Train

After the train pulled into the station we needed to wait patiently for the passengers from the previous ride to unload and then finally we heard the train conductor shout out “All aboard! All aboard!”.  We’ve watched the movie The Polar Express a few times since the Christmas season started and that’s the one thing that Jacob really remembered, so when the conductor shouted out that it was time to board the train, Jacob was pretty excited!  We presented our tickets to the conductor then climbed on board and hurried to find our seats, which were not very far from where we boarded!



It did not take very long for us to find our seats and not too long after that the train pulled out of the station and we were off an our adventure to meet Santa and enjoy the company of our family.  Joining us on the train that day aside from our usual quartet was Nana, Papa, Auntie Lisa, Uncle Jim, Sofia, and Baby Gabriella and we were so very excited to have their company!  Once the train started chugging on its merry way it was not long before we were suddenly surprised by Santa Claus!!  Jacob was so excited to see him and it was great to see the joy on his face this year as in previous years he has been a sort of skeptic, preferring to watch Santa from a distance. It took a while for Santa to make his way along to the part of the train car that we were sitting in but when he came all of the kids got their turn to sit on Santa’s lap and say hello while getting that prime opportunity to share with Santa their hearts desires for Christmas…..Jacobs choices were obvious, he’s had it all figured out since October, he wanted Thomas Trains and Little Lego’s!  Sofia was a little shy and opted to view Santa from a distance but thats exactly how Jacob has been in years previous so I was not surprised…..Violet was indifferent about the whole Santa experience and Gabriella well she was just her usual cute new baby self.



Once Santa Claus had departed our train car for another we felt the train slow to a halt then beging chugging back in the direction from where we first came…..our ride was half begun!  A few moments later we were treated to sugar cookies covered in the kind of icing you know is going straight to your hips and a cup of steaming hot chocolate that tasted more like a cup of water with a few dashes of chocolate powder then anything else – but it still made Jacob excited and that was the most important thing right?  While we were leaving our full cups of hot steaming chocolate water on the ledge to be later disposed letting or delicious hot chocolate cool on the window ledge we were treated by a few carolers who sang songs and played the trumpet…..we were happy to join in even if Papa never did perform that solo he promised!!  After several songs were sung our train pulled back into Inglewood station and after the kids were given a workbook all about trains (of course) we were thrust back into the cold reality of the real world, snapped a few pictures and made our way back to the cars.


I give the Santa Train 1.5 thumbs up!  It would have been so much better if we:

1.  Did not have to pretend to enjoy the steaming cups of chocolate flavored water for the sake of all the happy children on board.


2.  If only they could explain the random man out in one of the fields dressed up as Santa and waving to the kids on board.  Kind of makes it hard for the kids to understand how Santa is outside AND in the train…..darn village perverts!!

2 thoughts on “All Aboard! All Aboard!

  1. The Santa on the train looks very authentic…at least in the pictures. And of course the kids are cute as ever…love that pink coat with the fur trimmed hood on Violet.

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