Lil Stinker!

Take this as a warning to all first time moms, that at some point when you least expect it, your perfectly well behaved child is going to discover your make up and at some point if you’re a digi-scrapper like me you’re going to scrap about it and show the entire bloggy world!

I loved this kit by Bella Gypsy but couldn’t really think of any pictures to use with it until I saw the Little Stinker element and then I knew I had just the right pictures! You can buy this kit and the template over at Elemental Scraps (link in my side bar)!

Little Stinker

I’m so excited to see what Elemental Scraps has coming out this Monday!

Well “Diva” Visit

In honour of Violet’s trip from January 20th 2009 to January 20th 2010 we took her to the pediatrician to have her one year old well baby diva check up! I have become accustomed to the usual drill of it all so I was not really feeling any worry or anxiety leading up to the appointment. I was really relieved when we didn’t have to wait too long because it’s kind of irritating to have to talk to every single person that comes in. I dont’ know why we do it but every parent that comes in will say “how old is she” and then I’ll say “one year old” and I’ll say “how old is your son” in response…it’s boring conversation that for some reason I think parents need to have to create a connection but frankly I get bored by it time and time again when I’m sitting in a doctor’s office waiting to be seen. When the doctor called us in for our appointment I did the usual routine and took all of Violet’s clothes off so that she was in her diaper and then we waited for the doctor to come join us.

Violet One Year Appointment 2010-01-25 004

Of course it doesn’t take long for Violet to get annoyed that she has to wait, half naked on an elevated surface that has a really cool paper covering that her parents won’t let her eat.

Violet One Year Appointment 2010-01-25 005

Look at those feet! Grow teeny baby feet grow! When the doctor finally comes in we go through the usual drill and discussion about what’s she’s eating, how she’s sleeping, sounds she’s making, and milestones she’s reaching before the doctor does his examination. After listening to her heart, checking her ears, Violet heads for the scale where we learn that she is around 19 pounds and about 29.5 inches tall which shocks me because that means shes gained only a pound and grown half an inch maybe an inch in 3 months – the doctor comments that she’s falling in the growth charts but he’s not worried, she looks and acts like a perfect normal healthy one year old; we like healthy. Have I mentionned how much I love our pediatricians equipment in his office? Everything is so old school….no digital scales to be seen anywhere!

Violet One Year Appointment 2010-01-25 009

The doctor is referring Violet to an allergist based on the reactions we’ve observed to peanut butter exposure and he wanted us to get her an epi pen! All I have to say is thank goodness for insurance coverage because those puppies are 108 dollars! We are off to the allergist on March 29th but our doctor says it could be something or it could be nothing that sometimes reactions can be coincidental so we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes……for now we are avoiding all nuts in our house and asking family and friends in our lives not to consume peanut products when our kids are around, especially Violet.


All in all it was a rather great appointment….Violet didn’t even really cry after her immunizations! What a big girl!

Violet One Year Appointment 2010-01-25 002

If only we could figure out this totally wacky clock on the doctors wall…..

Violet One Year Appointment 2010-01-25 008


Here’s another digi-scrap page thrown together by yours personally! When I saw this kit Angel with Attitude by Traci Reed (Sweet Shoppe), I just knew it had Violet’s name all over it! I grabbed a template from Connie Prince over at Elemental Scraps and got to work! After a few changes to the template I was able to come up with something that worked perfectly for these pictures of Violet taken on her actual birthday! This page is one of my most favourite!

The Diva

Our “Blighted Ovum” Turns One!

It is so hard to believe that the baby we thought we’d never meet for two whole very difficult weeks has just turned one bright and beautiful year old. I can not forget the miracle of a mothers instinct, the feeling that came over me telling me that my baby was alive and that I was not ready to accept what the ultrasound technician was saying. When I think of those two weeks, the two weeks where we came to grips with the possibility that we were not going to get to have this baby, that God might have had other plans for that little one, I feel a deep sense of gratitude that we did get to keep her because I can not fathom a world without her in it. As we celebrate her first year, I am filled with gratitude for her life, our instinct, and our family doctor who listened to our pleas despite what an ultrasound was saying and I am thankful for the senior technician at the ultrasound lab who finally took her time, diagnosed a badly tilted uterus, worked her magic and found our baby, perfect, heart beating, exactly as old as we knew she was, and so very alive.

A year with Violet has been a year with someone who is just such an incredible spirit all bundled up and packed into a pint sized little body. I was so excited to celebrate with our friends and family at the Diva’s first birthday party this past weekend. I really have a passion for creating special memories for my children and I think some people might wonder why we would have such a big party for a one year old and Mike hit the nail on the head one night when he remarked to me that “this party is also for us” and that’s really true…..we are celebrating so much when we celebrate the first birthdays of our children. The first year in the life of a child is filled with so much emotion, change, exhaustion, good times, hard times, joy, pain – it is ok for us to celebrate how excited we are that as a family we did it, we made it and have this beautiful not so baby like toddler on our hands…yes, indeed we do enjoy our parties with our children and we dont’ invite our family and friends expecting our kids to be lavished with expensive gifts but because we love them, we want them to know our children, we want them to celebrate with us and help us create memories for our children….and help us say “we did it, we made it another great year as parents to this wonderful child. Thank you to everyone who came out to our party and helped contribute to the memories of our dear diva Violet and one day when she looks back on her scrapbook of pictures she will have the same memories to keep for herself that we have right now.




I’ve got a ton of pictures from the party so now I’m off to find the perfect digital scrapbooking kit to make some pages! So much fun!

Love IT!

I’m still here bloggy stalkers umm I mean people!  I’ve been taking care of my children who have been sick, celebrating a divalicious first birthday, and digging my nose into my new hobby digi-scrapping!  I really am falling in love with the ease of making pages and every day I’m learning a new technique and my head is filling up with great ideas for pages I want to do with various events from the past few years!

Here is a 2 page layout I made for Violet’s Baptism!
Violet`s Baptism

Violet`s Baptism 2

I made this page using Traci Reed’s kit Promises and the add on He is Risen which you can find over at the Sweet Shoppe and I used a template of Connie Prince’s from her recent grab bag (that I did alter a bit)which you can find at Elemental Scraps (one of my fav places for all your digi-scrap needs).

Down For The Count

I’ve spent the past two days laying flat on my back in my bed thanks to a random DVD case that my son got at, threw on the floor, which I then proceeded to not see, step on, and slide nearly half way across my living room falling on my back first then onto my tail bone.  It was one of those moments where you held your breath for a minute or two wondering if you’re supposed to laugh or cry and in this instance I think laughed first and then realized “crap” I’m really  hurt here….that night I crawled my way up to bed and by morning on Monday I could barely move without feeling extreme agony.  I spent all of Monday on our second floor in bed, barely able to get up and go to the bathroom and most of Tuesday doing the same although I did find it easier to get up and down out of bed on day two post trip up….finally last night I was able to make my way downstairs and spend a few hours with my family but I finally needed to get back to bed to rest because the pain was just too much. I have a pinched nerve and a bruised tailbone I’m certain and it feels awful!!  I’ve pretty much seen my children just a handful of times in the past two days and I missed them, like crazy.

It’s times like these, that you feel blessed and fortunate to have people in your life that will reach out and offer a helping hand.  I have no idea how I would have made it through the past two days without my mother in law who has been  here both days helping out, taking care of the kids, and doing things around the house.  I was relieved when she was here yesterday (after working an awake overnight shift at her job) but I was just so grateful when she showed up for a second day in a row… practically made me want to cry.  I’m trying really hard to rest and I’m starting to feel better slowly…’s hard not to feel stressed out about the things I have to get done before Violet’s party or before returning to work but you can only do what you can do and that is all……I’m just feeling particularily blessed to have help right across the street right now.  I dont’ know what else we would have done.

*Ahem* Hello World

I suppose this post would be better titled “what the heck happpened to that Mama Melissa blogging chick?” because looking back over the past two months, my blogging has stunk. I would love to say that I’ve been off doing fabulously wonderful and dangerous things but the truth of the matter is that I’ve just been a kind of slump and have not felt like I had anything interesting to contribute to the bloggy world.  I’m going to try and change that starting today but I’m not really show how the events of the next couple of weeks are going to unfold or if they’ll be interesting at all. I think the biggest issue is that I’ve recently started taking steps to withdraw from the internet because I often find myself wondering about the safety of this place we called the world wide web.  In the past two weeks alone I’ve found myself thinking every single day that I should delete my facebook account, call it quits, pack my bags, and hit the road….because I’m really not feeling it anymore – something seems to keep me there, I’m not sure what.

Things are starting to change around here as I gear up for my return to work on February first….I’ve had a nice 15 months off from my job but it’s time to get back at it and fall into a routine that is more normal for our family.  I have a mixed bag of emotions about returning to work this time which I find odd because after having Jacob I was very gung ho to go back and get into the swing of things again – this time, I know I’m going to ache and pain for the days spent with my children and  yet I know that my working is good for me and good for my family.  I think it helps that I actually like my job and enjoy the personalities of the people that I work with because I know that if I did not like the people I worked with or the organization that I work for, it would be much harder to return with a happy spirit.

Next week my sweet angel girl is turning ONE whole year old and I’m suddenly immersed in party planning and spending all the time I can with her before these moment’s of her babyhood are just memories in my mind.  I can do nothing but boast of my love of this little gem we call Violet or The Diva…..she has brought true joy into our lives from the moment we first knew we were expecting her.  I am excited to see who she becomes in the days between being one and two years old, much like I am excited to get together with family and friends and celebrate her birthday.  I am excited for the entire world to know this girl and appreciate her the same way that I do every single day – she is joy in my life and a breathe of fresh air every single day.

My smart wonderful boy is growing up quick, too quick, and in a few quick blinks of  my eyelids I have suddenly realize that he is no longer the little baby I held way back in 2006….suddenly I find we are dealing with skating classes, preschool and kindergarten registration…things that are supposed to happen to other peoples children, not mine  and yet, I am totally stoked.  Jacob is the adventure and spirit in my life and every day I learn something new about him or from him (have I mentionned that I think he’s going to be smarter than me soon?)….when I look at him I see a boy with a vivid and exquisite imagination, a carefree outgoing personality, and a perfect happiness that anyone could appreciate.

There is much to update and much to look forward to, but for  now I will leave you with the above and a promise to update again real soon.