*Ahem* Hello World

I suppose this post would be better titled “what the heck happpened to that Mama Melissa blogging chick?” because looking back over the past two months, my blogging has stunk. I would love to say that I’ve been off doing fabulously wonderful and dangerous things but the truth of the matter is that I’ve just been a kind of slump and have not felt like I had anything interesting to contribute to the bloggy world.  I’m going to try and change that starting today but I’m not really show how the events of the next couple of weeks are going to unfold or if they’ll be interesting at all. I think the biggest issue is that I’ve recently started taking steps to withdraw from the internet because I often find myself wondering about the safety of this place we called the world wide web.  In the past two weeks alone I’ve found myself thinking every single day that I should delete my facebook account, call it quits, pack my bags, and hit the road….because I’m really not feeling it anymore – something seems to keep me there, I’m not sure what.

Things are starting to change around here as I gear up for my return to work on February first….I’ve had a nice 15 months off from my job but it’s time to get back at it and fall into a routine that is more normal for our family.  I have a mixed bag of emotions about returning to work this time which I find odd because after having Jacob I was very gung ho to go back and get into the swing of things again – this time, I know I’m going to ache and pain for the days spent with my children and  yet I know that my working is good for me and good for my family.  I think it helps that I actually like my job and enjoy the personalities of the people that I work with because I know that if I did not like the people I worked with or the organization that I work for, it would be much harder to return with a happy spirit.

Next week my sweet angel girl is turning ONE whole year old and I’m suddenly immersed in party planning and spending all the time I can with her before these moment’s of her babyhood are just memories in my mind.  I can do nothing but boast of my love of this little gem we call Violet or The Diva…..she has brought true joy into our lives from the moment we first knew we were expecting her.  I am excited to see who she becomes in the days between being one and two years old, much like I am excited to get together with family and friends and celebrate her birthday.  I am excited for the entire world to know this girl and appreciate her the same way that I do every single day – she is joy in my life and a breathe of fresh air every single day.

My smart wonderful boy is growing up quick, too quick, and in a few quick blinks of  my eyelids I have suddenly realize that he is no longer the little baby I held way back in 2006….suddenly I find we are dealing with skating classes, preschool and kindergarten registration…things that are supposed to happen to other peoples children, not mine  and yet, I am totally stoked.  Jacob is the adventure and spirit in my life and every day I learn something new about him or from him (have I mentionned that I think he’s going to be smarter than me soon?)….when I look at him I see a boy with a vivid and exquisite imagination, a carefree outgoing personality, and a perfect happiness that anyone could appreciate.

There is much to update and much to look forward to, but for  now I will leave you with the above and a promise to update again real soon.

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