Our “Blighted Ovum” Turns One!

It is so hard to believe that the baby we thought we’d never meet for two whole very difficult weeks has just turned one bright and beautiful year old. I can not forget the miracle of a mothers instinct, the feeling that came over me telling me that my baby was alive and that I was not ready to accept what the ultrasound technician was saying. When I think of those two weeks, the two weeks where we came to grips with the possibility that we were not going to get to have this baby, that God might have had other plans for that little one, I feel a deep sense of gratitude that we did get to keep her because I can not fathom a world without her in it. As we celebrate her first year, I am filled with gratitude for her life, our instinct, and our family doctor who listened to our pleas despite what an ultrasound was saying and I am thankful for the senior technician at the ultrasound lab who finally took her time, diagnosed a badly tilted uterus, worked her magic and found our baby, perfect, heart beating, exactly as old as we knew she was, and so very alive.

A year with Violet has been a year with someone who is just such an incredible spirit all bundled up and packed into a pint sized little body. I was so excited to celebrate with our friends and family at the Diva’s first birthday party this past weekend. I really have a passion for creating special memories for my children and I think some people might wonder why we would have such a big party for a one year old and Mike hit the nail on the head one night when he remarked to me that “this party is also for us” and that’s really true…..we are celebrating so much when we celebrate the first birthdays of our children. The first year in the life of a child is filled with so much emotion, change, exhaustion, good times, hard times, joy, pain – it is ok for us to celebrate how excited we are that as a family we did it, we made it and have this beautiful not so baby like toddler on our hands…yes, indeed we do enjoy our parties with our children and we dont’ invite our family and friends expecting our kids to be lavished with expensive gifts but because we love them, we want them to know our children, we want them to celebrate with us and help us create memories for our children….and help us say “we did it, we made it another great year as parents to this wonderful child. Thank you to everyone who came out to our party and helped contribute to the memories of our dear diva Violet and one day when she looks back on her scrapbook of pictures she will have the same memories to keep for herself that we have right now.




I’ve got a ton of pictures from the party so now I’m off to find the perfect digital scrapbooking kit to make some pages! So much fun!

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