Well “Diva” Visit

In honour of Violet’s trip from January 20th 2009 to January 20th 2010 we took her to the pediatrician to have her one year old well baby diva check up! I have become accustomed to the usual drill of it all so I was not really feeling any worry or anxiety leading up to the appointment. I was really relieved when we didn’t have to wait too long because it’s kind of irritating to have to talk to every single person that comes in. I dont’ know why we do it but every parent that comes in will say “how old is she” and then I’ll say “one year old” and I’ll say “how old is your son” in response…it’s boring conversation that for some reason I think parents need to have to create a connection but frankly I get bored by it time and time again when I’m sitting in a doctor’s office waiting to be seen. When the doctor called us in for our appointment I did the usual routine and took all of Violet’s clothes off so that she was in her diaper and then we waited for the doctor to come join us.

Violet One Year Appointment 2010-01-25 004

Of course it doesn’t take long for Violet to get annoyed that she has to wait, half naked on an elevated surface that has a really cool paper covering that her parents won’t let her eat.

Violet One Year Appointment 2010-01-25 005

Look at those feet! Grow teeny baby feet grow! When the doctor finally comes in we go through the usual drill and discussion about what’s she’s eating, how she’s sleeping, sounds she’s making, and milestones she’s reaching before the doctor does his examination. After listening to her heart, checking her ears, Violet heads for the scale where we learn that she is around 19 pounds and about 29.5 inches tall which shocks me because that means shes gained only a pound and grown half an inch maybe an inch in 3 months – the doctor comments that she’s falling in the growth charts but he’s not worried, she looks and acts like a perfect normal healthy one year old; we like healthy. Have I mentionned how much I love our pediatricians equipment in his office? Everything is so old school….no digital scales to be seen anywhere!

Violet One Year Appointment 2010-01-25 009

The doctor is referring Violet to an allergist based on the reactions we’ve observed to peanut butter exposure and he wanted us to get her an epi pen! All I have to say is thank goodness for insurance coverage because those puppies are 108 dollars! We are off to the allergist on March 29th but our doctor says it could be something or it could be nothing that sometimes reactions can be coincidental so we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes……for now we are avoiding all nuts in our house and asking family and friends in our lives not to consume peanut products when our kids are around, especially Violet.


All in all it was a rather great appointment….Violet didn’t even really cry after her immunizations! What a big girl!

Violet One Year Appointment 2010-01-25 002

If only we could figure out this totally wacky clock on the doctors wall…..

Violet One Year Appointment 2010-01-25 008

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