The Great Ear Infection Battle of Twenty-Ten

Jacob is one month into preschool and three weeks into ear infection heck!  We’ve been pretty fortunate over the years that our kids have not been incredibly prone to ear infections.  I think Jacob had two ear infections in his first year of life and since then we haven’t seen one in either of our kids until 3 weeks ago.  It started with a horrific night where we spent about 1.5 hours of our evening trying to exorcise the demon that had suddenly inhabited our 3 year old and caused him to do crazy things like verbal regurgitation and head spinning….you an interpret this as screaming, crying, carrying on, tantruming, hitting parents….basically all the things our little fella never does.  When it was all over and Jacob had finally fallen asleep in our room Mike and I sighed and looked at each other exasperated with that helpless look that says “I’ve got no freaking idea who that kid was but I sure hope this is not going to become routine in this house”.  Somehow we managed to wipe the feeling of defeat off our faces, tucked ourselves in bed and fell fast asleep hoping to all heck that the evening’s spectacle was only a one time show….we may have even prayed for it to be so.  In the middle of the night I was awoke sharply from my sleep to the sound of Jacob screaming, crying and when I went to check on him, covering his ears while proclaiming his ears hurt.  Mike and I were able to somehow stumble around in our sleep, fetch some tylenol and get Jacob back to sleep and the next day at the doctor’s we heard the news we suspected, that Jacob had a double ear infection…..ahhhh thank you preschool! This is what we pay you for!

Since that day when Jacob was first diagnosed we have done not one, not two, but now three rounds of antibiotics and in addition antibiotic ear drops all to no avail!  Some time between that first night and today Jacob has had not one but TWO perforated ear drums and we are still chugging away at the antibiotics!  It is very obvious that Jacob is having some side effects of these holes in his ear drums because he’s talking in an incredibly amplified voice and there are a lot of times where he is responding to us with “what?” “what did you say?”, which is not typical for Jacob at all.  Here is what I do know….I’m tired of antibiotics and I’m tired of trying to convince him that today’s antibiotic might taste better because we added some super magical new fruit to it to try and make it better!  I just want the darn ears to repair themselves!  Is that too much to ask?

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