2010: Looking Back, Looking Forward

I am finding it hard to believe that April is coming this week because it seems like just yesterday we were ringing in the dawn of the year that would be called twenty-ten.  I have to say that the past three months have been quite overwhelming and exhausting for our family given the fact that no matter how hard we try one of us always seems to be down for the count when it comes to our physical health.  It angers me that we can’t seem to get it all under control but in reality we had a year of pretty good health over all and then in January I went back to work and Jacob started preschool – our bodies were overwhelmed with other people’s germs and bacterias that we did not have to face when we spent most of the year holed up in our own kind of isolation…..our bodies are rebelling against all this social activity.

As I’m sitting here writing this I am the picture of misery I’m sure – sitting on the couch with a fever, my cheeks bright pink and my nose/lips chapped….battle scars from the cold that invaded my body yesterday afternoon.  I probably should have known that something like this would come my way soon enough because I spent the whole week focused on dieting, weight loss, work, worry that Jacob was getting sick, coping with pms, taking care of kids, trying to keep up with the day to day….and some where during the in between a cold virus as ferocious as a toddlers temper snuck in and settled itself deep into my sinuses and chest. I am hoping, praying, pleading that this will be the last illness we will have to deal with for a really long time because I’m not really sure how much more I can take and if something in the health department doesn’t give soon…I’m pretty sure I’ll be wishing, hoping and praying for 2011!!

I have so much to look forward to in this year which is really my main reason for wanting the sickies to say sianara – aside from hitting a bunch of weight loss goals I’m really looking forward to my moms wedding, summer activities, spending time with my family, watching violet grow from baby to toddler, and seeing my baby boy go off to his first day of kindergarten.  I had looked forward to this year for all of 2009 so I’m a bit ticked off that it has not started off as fantabulous as I had planned but from this point on I am declaring “twenty-ten” our year…..because we deserve it so much.

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  1. Feel better! This is his first year in school isn’t it? I remember when I sent Beth and Matt off to daycare for the first winter. I just wanted to cry because I felt like they spent every other day at home sick…I couldn’t believe I was paying for that. The next winter was better though, and then the third year they hardly got sick at all. I guess it’s true what they say about exposure building up your immune system.

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