Facing the Scale: Week 1

I hate getting weighed in – HATE IT…..but when I joined up with Jenny Craig 6 days ago I vowed that I would turn my weigh-ins into victories no matter what and when I woke up faced with the fact that I had no choice, today was weigh in day…..I went through the small victories in my head so that if I did have a not so fabulous weigh in I could remind myself or all the fantastic things I did right.

1.  At my nieces baptism dinner I managed to avoid eating anything tempting or bad for me – I even passed over the creme brulee, raspberry cheesecake and baptism cake.

2.  Aunt Flo came knocking on my door yesterday and ummm hello???  One day before my weigh in?  Really?  Hello bloating and water retention, I’m so glad you showed up at the exact WRONG time!!! The good thing about this situation (because how could anything be good about Aunt Flo right?) is that despite being pre-menstral…I did not indulge once, not even ONCE in any type of chocolate or chip or any junk food product for that matter.

3.  I followed the Jenny Craig program EXACTLY as it was laid out before me, without any changes or alterations.  I never waivered from what was asked of me and did not allow myself even one cheat.

4.  Somehow, even with all of this crazy calorie cutting….I managed to reduce my caffeine intake by 75% – I think that’s pretty amazing.

5.  While decreasing my caffeine by 75% I increased my water by a bajillion percent (and no I don’t care if there’s no such thing as a bajillion percent….this is my victory speech) and as a result I am feeling really fantastic.

So, with these things in mind and the annoyance of aunt flo paying her monthly visit I trudged off to Jenny Craig where I was greeted by my JCC (Jenny Craig Consultant) Annabelle and off we went to the backroom where all the dreaded back room stuff takes place.  I took off my shoes, hopped on the scale and watched the numbers worked their magic…..and then just like Emeril the chef throwing down some spice….BAM!! The numbers hit me and knocked me off my feet for a moment…..

-9.4 pounds

I’m pretty sure I blinked and stared for a few moments at the number before I heard my heart rejoicing – I did it!  I survived the first week and came out with an awesome number despite everything that tried to stand in my way……

-9.4 pounds

When you’ve had a pattern of weight gain for a long time, hearing that you just lost 9.4 pounds in one week hits you…I couldn’t help it – I did  a little happy dance right there on the scale and I didn’t care if anyone say me.

I left Jenny Craig with my new food for week two and trudged off to buy myself a reward…..

A shiny new and very pink stainless steel Klean Kanteen to drink my water in.

Yay Jenny Craig.

Yay me.

3 thoughts on “Facing the Scale: Week 1

  1. I just wanted to comment that while weighing in is never fun, it was the one thing that kept me accountable when I lost weight years ago. Especially having to weigh in front of my nutritionist. OUCH. But it was what kept me motivated in a way as well. Okay, your posts are making me want to do something!

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