Imperfectly Perfect

A few weekends ago I celebrated my anniversary with Michael and although I was initially scheduled to work on the Saturday, I was able to have the day off and enjoy the day with my family.  I remember a time when Mike and I could do things without the worry or concern for children but now it seems so bizarre to do things without our children because they are in fact a big part of “us” and sometimes spending time with them seems just so perfect when we are spending some time celebrating each other.  We spent the good part of the day doing things with the family, getting some errands done, taking a trip to the park before we dropped them off at Nana’s house and were on our way to watch Tim Burtons interpretation of Alice in Wonderland (totally awesome by the way).

If I’ve learned anything in the years since I’ve met Mike and maybe if I’m looking at a broader spectrum I could say….If I’ve learned anything about life it is that things never go as planned and we should always be prepared for the unexpected…..the night of our “anniversary date” things definitely did not go as planned.  We arrived at the theatre at a time that we thought was relatively early enough to buy tickets for the showing of our movie but when we got up to order our tickets we learned that our show and all the shows except the 1045 pm showing were sold out – bummer but what can we do, we ordered tickets to that show and then we were off to get some dinner at a restaurant near the theatre.  In the end Mike drove around for 45 minutes to an hour before giving up on finding a parking spot because even if he did find one at that point there was no hope in heck that we’d make our movie……so we ended up eating at burger king!  Ha!  That’s right our super fancy anniversary dinner was at burger King!  When dinner was done we were off to the theatre to get in line for our movie, hoping that we’d get good enough seats and even though we were there about 1.5 hours early we were still 50 people back in the line-up!!  Ack!  After standing in line for an hour they let us into the theatre and we were able to get the seats we enjoy and then settled in with some popcorn and drinks to enjoy the show in 3d! It was fantastic, although I could have done without the 3D part!

Our movie got out at 1230 am and we were off too pick the kids up from Nana’s house in a flash…..the night didn’t go as we had planned but it was certainly an imperfectly perfect example about how you can’t always get what you want but you do get what you need when you need it …..I enjoyed my time with Mike even over a burger and fries and I enjoyed sharing my day with my whole family – it was just an imperfectly perfect day.

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