Jenny On the Block…

“I use to have a little now I have a lot………”

Do you know those lyrics?  Come on!  You know you do!  These lyrics are from that ever famous song by Jennifer Lopez and I think in honour of this post I’m going to change the words to say….

“I use to have a lot now I have a little”……

The scale has been barking at me for years and truthfully after a horrible scary illness I’ve taken a leap of my own faith and joined up to do the Jenny Craig program.   Last week I had gotten will with chest pains, a horribly painful swollen leg, and shortness of breath and I landed myself in the hospital where I was certain that I was having some kind of heart attack or blood clot in my leg – it ended up that I had an infection that was making me have these symptoms but in order to discover this they had to do a whole whack of tests that all basically came back saying that I had good clear arteries, my heart was good, no blood clot, no diabetes, etc. etc. etc.  Whew!  I’m sure my breath of relief was heard clear across the country at that very moment because I can handle 10 days of antibiotics….what I couldn’t handle was a serious illness!  I came home and I knew this was my chance to do something remarkable for myself just this one time in my life so I took a huge step and joined up for Jenny Craig an entirely new diet plan that I haven’t tried before and I like the fact that they just make the food and all you have to do is eat it ….it’s a good starting point for me.  The biggest issue with the “Jenny on the Block” plan is the cost….the food is horribly expensive and I’m not sure how we’ll ever be able to keep up with the costs…it’s just an obscene amount of money for their pre-made foods but I really really need this to live a long life…..and since my weight issues surfaced because of horrible crap that’s happened in my life – I really feel that for once in my life I really deserve this so I’ll pinch our pennies and make it work –  I feel good about it.

Today was my first full day on the Jenny Craig day and while I have some things to iron out as I adjust and get use too the program I think I did pretty good considering I had a huge dinner party tonight for my nieces baptism and there was desserts galore!  I managed to get out of the restaurant without even one taste of cake, creme brulee, or cheesecake – YAY me!

My next weigh is in next Thursday!  I’m anxious, excited, but mostly committed.

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  1. It’s good that you are doing it for yourself….that is the best way…I’m cheering you on

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