100 Days of Weight Loss

I am so excited to get this book in the mail this week because I have heard nothing but great things about it from so many people over on the Jenny Craig website!  I asked Mike if we could pick it up and he agreed of course but when we checked out Chapters we learned it was not carried in regular stock and we’d have to order it so today Mike ordered it for me and I can barely wait for it to get to our doorstep!  I’m looking forward to reading it and getting some good motivation to help along the way with this weight loss journey of mine.

I am still sailing along so far although a slight pinched nerve in my back today has kept me pretty much immobile so I’m hoping to do some housework tonight, go outside with the kids and move as much as I can to stop myself from any water retention that would come with immobility.  This morning I had the JC French Toast for breakfast and I have to say that I was a major skeptic about this one but it actually tasted pretty good!  It had blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries with it and I added the JC lite syrup and it was just yummy!  I am learning to avoid the JC foods that dont’ settle well in my stomach (JC Southwestern Chicken, Rice, and Beans…blah) and choosing to have some of the things that I love when I can (turkey burger, chicken fajita’s, meatball sandwich, chicken carbonara).

This week I have been faced with my first moments of weakness or rather times where I felt like I wanted/needed/just had to eat something that I was not supposed to eat and after I tried everything to avoid it on my own (like eating freebie foods, drinking water, getting busy) I decided to simply go to bed and let me tell you I went to bed at 7pm and slept until 7 pm the next day!  12 hours of sleep!  I think I had just worked so much in the week prior that it finally caught up with me and my body wasn’t really hungry it was just in need of some rest…..thankfully our daughter goes to bed at 630 pm every night and Mike was good as gravy to deal with Jacob and let me sleep!  I know that these big changes have been an absolute shock to my body (dieting, trying to move more, no caffeine) but I am pushing through the difficult times so far and trying to keep my day-to-day goal in brilliant perspective.

I’m thinking that when my book shows up I might start doing a 100 Days of Weight Loss Blogging as I work through the book….I haven’t decided yet but it could be interesting and helpful to my journey….we’ll see.

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