Facing the Scale: Week Five

I knew I had to have a good week leading up to the weekend of my mother’s wedding because I had already decided that I was not going to stress about food at the rehearsal dinner, wedding morning brunch, and at the wedding itself.  After my very low loss last week that I thought was because of dear old aunt flo’s imminent arrival (it wasn’t so I have no explanation except that my body needed a weight loss break)….I focused hard and when I stepped on the scale at JC I was down a whopping 5.4 pounds from the previous week.  Aha!  I did it -insert huge sigh of relief right here-  I kind of smirked a bit when I saw that number there and I think it’s because I feel like my JC consultant didn’t believe me last week when I said that I followed the diet exactly as I had the previous week and that this is just the ebb and flo of weight loss for me.  I knew that my body would make up for its low loss this week and boy oh boy it was like my body was smacking my JC consultant in the face while screaming “don’t ever doubt me again you hear me?!?!?”

I was faced with a lot of food challenges this weekend and I have to say I didn’t do too fantastic so I’m going to be eternally grateful to the gods of weight loss if they just allow me to maintain my weight loss this week.  I didn’t do anything too horrendous but I know I didn’t even come close to following my Jenny plan for a period of about 36 hours and I’m willing to work extra hard over the next couple of days to try to keep the weight loss from those heavenly awful calories I ingested over the weekend.  The one thing I did learn this weekend was that I suddenly have a full alarm in my body…..I don’t remember a time where I ate and said omg I can’t take another bite – I mean we’re always supposed to finish what’s on our plates right?  I have a distinct memory of friday nights dinner with family at the restaurant where I said ok this is it, I’m done….excuse me waitress but can you take this away because if you don’t I’m going to eat it because food and I are madly in love and have been so since oh about 1992.

At my mom’s wedding this past weekend I came into contact with a lot of family that I had not seen in some time and not one of them were able to see or compliment me on my weight loss so that must mean that the 24 pounds that I’ve lost in the past 5 weeks are not showing yet…..it’s ok, I know I have a lot to lose and it will show when its time…..maybe it will be at a time when I really need someone to say “OMG you look amazing”….because let’s face it people just never tell me that I look amazing – they mostly say I have a pretty face which I know is code language for what they want to say “omg you are soooooo fat, if you just lost some weight you’d probably look a million times better”  I’ve become so use to hearing that phrase “you have such a pretty face” and quite frankly I wish people would stop with the bullcrap and realize that I can read right through it – I didn’t get fat overnight you know….I’ve been walking around in this body for a lot of years and I’m really really good at telling when I’m being judged by someone because of my weight.  The truth of the matter is that I am NOT just a pretty face – I am so much more than that and I hate being buried behind the stereotypical assumptions that I’m lazy and unmotivated because I am overweight – I may be a food addict but I am still a human being so stop with the crap and let’s get real ok?

So I’m half way into week six and I’m finding that today is a re-committing of sorts….you know after the food fest of the wedding celebration.  I can already tell it’s not going to be easy to ever fall off track and get back on the band wagon again….I’ve got a headache and I’m feeling tired today which is probably the result of too many carbs (mmmmmm) over the weekend and not enough water, so I am chugging it back today and choosing foods by JC that are lower in carbohydrates to that I can detox my body! I am hoping for a week of maintenance this week….please!!!!!!!  Pretty please?

2 thoughts on “Facing the Scale: Week Five

  1. I’m really happy to hear you’re learning to tell when you’ve had enough to eat. It makes a big difference when you can say to yourself “I’m full, time to stop eating.”

    And there will be times when, for whatever reason, you eat things which aren’t going to help you attain your target weight but as long as you don’t make a habit of it and don’t let those times derail you it’s not really a problem. The most important thing is your baseline eating habits, not the occasional chocolate bar or wedding feast.

  2. How is everything coming along? It sounds like you are learning so much during this weight loss journey, that’s really exciting!

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