Facing the Scale: Week 2

Team Jenny & Melissa have done it again!  Yesterday I had my second weigh in at Jenny Craig and I lost a whopping 5.2 pounds!!  I was experiencing a magnitude of anxiety leading up to the moment that both of my feet made it onto the scale which made it painfully clear just how much anxiety I have about the role of food in my life.  I have been doing a lot of rethinking and reformulating over the past two weeks and have been trying to remember that we need food to live….we don’t live for food. 

I have come to grips this past week with the fact that food is always going to be everywhere and it’s always going to be my responsiblity to have the power and control over what I eat and what I don’t eat.  Many people have approached me this week (who know I am on the JC diet) asking me how I think I will manage over the course of the Easter weekend and I feel that I can respond with 100% certainty that I know I’ll do just fine.  The honest to goodness truth is that I’m not a super chocolate fan and would chose something salty over something sweet any day so this is why I feel pretty confident as the holiday approaches. 

This week I was able to resist the tempatation to cheat on my diet several times but here are some of the highlights…..

1.  Last weekend my brother, his friend and her son came over and everyone in the house but myself had McDonalds.  It was hard to sit there while they were all eating it but at the end of the day as I reflected back I felt super proud of myself for being able to say no to McFatty’s.

2.  My co-worker brought in a giant bag of cadbury mini eggs (mmm) and even though he was offering to share I resisted the urge to say YES and instead chugged back a ton of water and enjoyed my Jenny Craig popcorn.

3.  On Wednesday the youth at my work were having a special pizza dinner and since I was there I could have easily had a slice or two but instead I opted to head on home and have my regularly scheduled Jenny Craig meal.

4.  It has been almost a week since I last tasted diet coke – this has to be the BIGGEST accomplishment of the week and one that I consider a huge personal victory.

5.  On Thursday night after my weigh in Mike and I were going out shopping for Easter presents and we easily could have stopped and picked up something to eat but instead we ate something at home before we left.

My goal this week is to continue with the Jenny Craig plan as it is laid out before me, drink lots of water, avoid the Easter treats that will fill my house, stay away from diet coke and to go on a walk with the family on Sunday and Tuesday night.

Wish me luck!!

4 thoughts on “Facing the Scale: Week 2

  1. Melissa, congrats on doing such a great job! You are awesome girl and I am glad that you are sticking to your goals that you have set. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait to read the progress each week.

  2. You’re doing a fantastic job of staying on your plan! Keep it up, you can do it!!!

  3. Melissa….your weight loss is great news and and inspiration! I desperately need to get the weight off. Keep up the good work!

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