The Diva: Updated!

Ahhh there is so much to say about my darling Diva Violet and yet I find myself at a blogging loss for words about where to start.  I have not written about my children in so long and so much has changed about them, especially my dear sweet Violet.  I will start with some of the obvious things about here which will probably not come as a shock to most of you but I am still coming to terms with the fact that she is now 18 whole months old!  18 months!  It feels totally impossible that she has been blessing my life for all this time and that before we know it we will be sounding the horn on her 2nd birthday!  I have really enjoyed being her mother over the past year and a half and I rarely  have many complaints about taking care of her because her personality is just packed full of so much punch.

After having only  Jacob for so long I never imagined that having a second child could be so different!!  I pictured that although their personalities would differ slightly they would share many things in common and be alike in many ways but I could never say this about them now!  Recently I was thinking about ways to describe Violet’s personality and it came to me one night as I thought about her that she is every single human emotion packed into one wee little body.  I really can not think of a better way to describe her than that and if you met her you would agree that she experiences every emotion with such power….there is no denying when she is happy, mad, sad, excited, shy, coy, or afraid….and she does such a good job at communicating it to you through the expressions of her body and the tone of her voice.  Violet is hilarious and spontaneous and so ver many wonderful things but I know that when someone feels their emotions so strongly it must also happen with the not so good feelings….I imagine through her life she will always experience sadness with such profound emotion and I can connect with her on this because I feel my emotions this way also.

I think the best part of Violet’s personality right now is that she is so hilarious, so funny and every moment is one to be treasured!  Lately she has taken to climbing the stairs to our second floor and when we approach to bring her down again she will smile proudly sit down upon a step, look up to us with her big beautiful brown eyes and he perfectly wide smile, and she will pat the spot next to her and say “sit Mama”. It is impossible in this moment to feel frustration about the fact that this is the 20th time in 2 hours that you have removed her from the stairs and it gets me thinking that if I was 18 months old I might also find it fun to spend my day going up and down the stairs – what fun right?  When I think about this story I am reminded of her language development….it is something we have thought about often because after having Jacob who was talking in complete full sentences at just 15 months old  we did not really have an idea of what is normal for Violet.  I am happy to say that her language development is coming along perfectly well and while she is not talking to us in sentences and her number of words is not crazy high…she is learning by leaps and pounds every day and is starting to combine two and three words together – the inflections and tones in her voice is appropriate to situations and we are hearing her talking away in her toddler language in what sounds like real words sometimes…..I feel she is perfectly on track for where she should be.

What else can I say about Violet?  Everything about her is wonderfully girly and feminine and not something I ever imagined in my daughter but it has come naturally to her…despite all of the many “boy identified” or “gender neutral” toys in our house she is drawn to her babies most of all.  In a room full of toys she is drawn to babies, dollies, purses, bracelets and shoes…..oooohhhh how this girl loves to carry around shoes!  Who is this girl and is she really my daughter?  It is obvious to both That Daddy Guy and I that Violet has a love for animals as she has really taken to our cat….something Jacob has never really shown much interest in ever AND we have spent countless minutes perched in front of windows at pet stores with her peering in at all the animals.

Unlike Jacob who was slower in the development of his motor skills Violet has exceptional motor skills and can already hold a crayon or pencil perfectly and if you let her she will doodle away and draw on paper like crazy!!!  Since she was just 9 months old she has been found to spontaneously break out at any given moment in a dance and there is just such glee and happiness on her face when she does do it….you can’t help but smile and dance along with her.  How I adore this girl….and how I want to drink in every minute of her youth!  I imagine her playing a sport or doing dancing or maybe both…..she has such focus and determination and when we take her brother to hockey skating class she is trying with all of her might to get out on the ice!  I see good things in her future!

On the medical front Violet continues to be our healthier child of the two…..she is never catching colds and if she does they are usually just the sniffles for a day or so.  It is still hard for us with her allergies and it is ongoing education for us and for her.  I still fear that some people in our lives do not take the allergy very serious but we really know that it is….we have seen the hives and how fast she is covered after just sitting in a high chair that was likely used by someone who had eaten peanuts or nuts…there is so much to consider and so much to remember – it is really a life saving conquest.  At her 18  month appointment Violet weighed 21 pounds 9 ounces and was 31 inches tall…this put her at the 10th percentile for weight and the 30th percentile for height – we are not used to these percentiles as Jacob was busting off the charts in height at this age…..Violet is just little all around in comparison…but she definitely has a bit of toddler chub on her legs – I will be sad to see it go as she grows in the next year… always does.  The doctor said she is doing wonderful and we should have nothing to worry about!!

So this is it!  This is the update on my dear precious daughter!  I could go on and on forever about how smart she is and how different her intelligence is from Jacobs, or about how shy and coy and wonderful she is but now that I’m back to blogging I need to save some of my stories for another time!

What the Heck Happened to Mama?

Well, well, well…..I’m BACK!!

It’s been quite a while since I blogged but I have good reason….over 54 good reasons!!  I have been spending a little (okay A LOT) less time online and a whole lot more time out and about at the gym, taking bike rides, walking, walking and more walking…..and I can proudly say that I have lost over 54 pounds now in just 14 short weeks!!  I have been working my butt off to try and get the extra pounds off and I am just excited to share that what I’m doing….whatever it is that I’m doing is working!!  In the process of doing it all I sort of neglected my blog here but I promise to be back now with updates about our comings and goings and plenty of fun stuff from our often busy, totally fun, always fantastic family life.

So much has gone on with the kids that I barely know where to begin so maybe over the next couple of days I’ll start by giving an update post on each of them individually and then once we are all caught up with our comings and goings we’ll get things back to normal around here!  We have so much news… very much news and so much fun planned this summer that I can barely wait to get started – stay tuned for updates on our healthy living changes especially as we shift from “okay healthy” eaters to totally fantastically 100% good for us clean, whole, organic foodies!!  I am so excited about all the changes we are making in our family and things are just happening so smoothly for us!  I love love love everything that has been going right these days and I can’t wait to share with you all over the next couple of days!

Stay tuned……