Kindergarten Homework?

Having not been in Kindergarten for about a million years now (heh) it came as quite a shocker to me when Jacob was sent home from his Kindie class with a homework assignment that involved making a family newspaper using sentence strips as guides.  The project came home on the very same Friday that we learned Jacob would be moving from the Junior Kindergarten class to the Senior Kindergarten class (more on that in the future) so we were not sure if the expectation was that he still complete he home work task but we wanted to complete it with him regardless.  It was really great to watch him plan and think out the answers to the sentence strips and even greater to have a discussion about his views on his family!  I’ve known for a really long time that Jacob was advanced in a lot of areas of academic intelligence but watching him go through the process of school has really begun to open my eyes to just how advanced he is in comparison to other students his age.  I would not go as far as labelling him gifted but it’s obvious to use and to both his old teacher and new teacher that Jacob is very bright…doing this homework assignment really started getting me thinking about just how bright he really is.  I had assumed that he would not be able to write out “play at the park” so I first wrote it out for him on the white strip of paper but he insisted that I didn’t need to do it for him and was actually kind of mad that I did do it… of course he did it himself below the strip and proved to both his father and I that he really doesn’t need our help with these projects….he also spelled out the word Cat and of course his name Jacob, he cut out all the white strips of paper and glued everything down before adding the stickers and writing the letters D (Daddy), M(Mommy), J (Jacob), and V(Violet) on each of the hands that we cut out together to represent our family!  It was just so much fun to complete this project and I look forward to more homework projects in the future!

But seriously…..HOMEWORK IN KINDERGARTEN?!?!?!

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