Orientation Day: Kindergarten!

Yes, yes I’ve been slacking with my blogging efforts over the past little while because quite frankly I’ve just been working too much and not finding enough time to squeeze the blogging in too.  It seems that we’ve finally got some people at work hired so the possibility of picking up extra shifts will be slim.

Last week was Jacob’s first orientation day of Kindergarten!  Can you believe I’m saying that?  KINDERGARTEN!  Holla!

In Canada kindergarten lasts for two years through the ages of four and five unlike the United States where typically kids start Kindergarten when they are 5 years old and everything else before that is considered preschool I think.  Jacob has been enrolled in a Catholic School near our house and we feel pretty confident that we’ve made a great choice in this school for his first year….after Junior Kindergarten he’s likely going to a french immersion school but more details about that as the months pass on (let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves heh).  When children are starting Junior Kindergarten the school does what they called a staggered start where the teacher spends time with the children in smaller groups getting to know them before bringing them all together – kind of like an orientation to school for them and an orientation to them for her…..make sense?

Jacob has two kids that he knows in his class that’s he’s spent a significant amount of time playing with over his first four years and he’s pretty excited about that.  Who am I kidding?  Jacob has been overly excited about going to school since he was two years old and I’m not surprised given his strength in intelligence, love of numbers and letters and genuinely strong interest in learning.  I’ve never been one to say out loud that Jacob is gifted because I think every child is gifted each in their own way and ability but it’s more than obvious to us his parents and those who know him best that he’s smart as a whip when it comes to computing numbers, spelling and reading words, and his memory recall is superb – because of this I have anxiety and apprehension about sending him off to school for fear that he’ll become bored with re-learning the basics like his ABC’s which he’s known since he was 15 months old or how to count to 20 when he’s already doing basic addition and subtraction in mathematics and can count way past 100 counting by 1’s and 2’s.  I want school to be an enriching experience for him but also an opportunity for him to learn about friendship and play and so many other things – gosh I just have so  many hopes and I do my best not to have that come across as expectations for him – although to be fair I do have expectations that he be a good listener and be respectful at all times; I guess I’m worried that boredom from already knowing most of the curriculum will cause him to become disinterested, inattentive, and struggle with behaviour problems; only time will tell I guess.

So as I was saying this past Wednesday was Jacob’s orientation day at school and while I was a bundle of nerves and excitement I think I handled it pretty well for a mother sending off her first-born child to school!  We went in and did a little 20 minute intro with 5 other children and their parents and then we all waved goodbye to our four-year olds and took off out the door before they had a chance to cling to our legs crying for us to come back.  In true Jacob fashion he was waving goodbye to us and telling us to hit the road before the teacher was even ready for us to leave so there was no separation anxiety on his part…maybe just a little bit on our parts.  It felt really good to be able to go in there with Mike as a team…the both of us taking the time off we needed from work to support our child on his first day – growing up there were a lot of times my dad wasn’t there for special moments like that and it means a crazy amount of I dont’ even know what that my children have both their parents always present in their lives.  We picked him up at 315pm sharp…the first parents to arrive and so he was the first child to come out of the classroom..he had a look of sheer happiness on his face and told us his day was fantastic!  Gosh, I hope he continues to love school as time passes on.

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