Schultüte – First Official Day of School

Monday was officially Jacob’s first day of Kindergarten and to kick off the celebration we celebrated with a Schultüte (German School Cone) in honour of Daddy’s half german heritage.  It was first suggested to me by my mother-in-law and Mike’s cousin and when I heard about it I just thought it was such a great tradition!  I’m an okay crafty person so I found some examples on-line and got to making our very own  Schultüte!!  Yesterday I got the opportunity to see a picture of my mother-in-law with hers many many years ago (I’m not saying exactly how many because she might not be too impressed if I did) and it was just so exciting to see a nice tradition carried out in our family too!

To make ours I used a standard size piece of bristol board that I found at the dollar store and then after rolling it into a cone and using my glue gun to secure it together  I covered it in simple blue wrapping paper and added some pizzazz in the form of paper stars, puffy letters, ribbon, and sparkle glue!  When I was satisfied with the design I had worked out I glued some tissue paper along the inside of the cone, filled it with the treats and school supplies, then tied it closed with a ribbon! I think the end result turned out pretty great and Jacob sure loved it when we gave it to him! I can barely wait the three more  years to make one for Violet when she starts school!

Work In Progress!

All the little gifts for inside!

The finished product!  Love it!

And finally some pics of  The Dictator holding his cone on his first day of school!

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