Santa Claus is Coming to Town

It’s that time of year again folks!  I dare not say it before my American friends have their Thanksgiving but seriously dudes I am totally feeling some Christmas spirit this year!  What strikes me as so odd about my feelings this year are that we don’t have any of our typical plans in comparison to previous years.  This year for example, we don’t have tickets to the Santa Experience an event that we’ve attended ever since Jacob was born…no real reason aside from missing the registration and them being sold out of tickets when we tried to get ours.  In previous years we’ve attended the Toronto Santa Claus parade which is a huge day long event that we’ve grown to love but this year we accidentally booked our appointment for Portraits of the kids on the day of the parade….I guess that’s what happens when you have to book for Christmas Portraits way back in September due to high demand.  Last year we took a ride on the Santa Train but the contaminated cookies they give out on the train and our knowledge of Violet’s allergies makes that a no-go for us this season…..yet here we are…completely stripped down from our usual happenings and I’m feeling totally enthralled by the thought.  There is something insanely triumphant about the calm…..the ability to spontaneously stop by the big tree downtown and walk the streets with hot chocolate if we desire or the time to stop by a friend’s house just for the sake of visiting…it all truly permeates with goodness – like the season is meant to be experienced I think.

I am nearly done all of my shopping for my children which astonishes me because I’m usually shopping right up to the last-minute.  I’ve asked Nana and Papa to be on the lookout for a few items for Violet while they are in the USA next week and aside from getting Jacob a game or two for the leapster that he is asking Santa for…he’s pretty much done.  Woohoo.  The last thing on our list for the kids is a joint painting easel that we hope to pick up from Mastermind Toys when we get the chance to go out there and visit the store – that is if we decide to get it after all.  I feel really great about the choices we made for both of our children this year and really happy with the choices of their grandmother’s also.  My mom and her husband are getting the kids Pottery Barn Anywhere Chairs with their names Embroidered on them and they got Violet the Living Family Dollhouse and a V-Tech Reader for Jacob…so perfect.  Mike’s mom picked out some fantastic presents that are also sure to delight the kids having picked up a new play kitchen for Violet and the Playmobil Schoolhouse for Jacob….seriously both sides of the family just chose incredibly well and were so thoughtful and generous.

Once I’m done shopping for my children I’ll start to pick up gifts for other people and I’m  happy to say my list is short this year….the bottom line is we just can’t manage to shop for a bajillion people anymore.  I’ve already come up with a few little ideas for my nieces Sofia and Gabriella and I’m excited because this year we’re having that family foursome over for a nice Turkey dinner on the 18th of this month – a nice evening together which we don’t get to do enough…once again just planning on saturating ourselves with the spirit and meaning of Christmas. I’m not feeling too confident about when we’ll dig out the Christmas Tree but I imagine we’ll wait until after December 1st but definitely before we have company over for our little get together.  I’m hoping to have ALL of my shopping done this year by the 15th of December but we’ll see how that goes….if I get time I plan to make our Christmas card again this year – here’s hoping.

Some people have asked us what about clothing sizes for our chicklets this year…so if you’re curious here’s the details and these sizes are already taking into account room for growing!

Jacob – 5T  or 5 (in all things….but please not bigger as this is a very generous size for Jacob)

Violet – 2T tops, dresses and 18-24 months or 24 month boottoms…since our little diva is going to be 2 just a month after Christmas! (gasp)

Jacob loves most things to do with numbers, letters, spelling, reading… sets and beyblades.

Violet loves anything super girly including dress up clothes/jewellery, strawberry shortcake, baby dolls, and of course story books always.

Hope that has helped most of you that have inquired!

Can’t wait for the Christmas Season to be upon us all!

Hooray for Trick or Treating

What can I say?  Both of my kids were insanely excited about trick or treating around town last night. I had my hesitations and anxiety about whether we’d be able to get Jacob into his costume since he refused to wear it to school on Friday and was pretty much the only child in his class not wearing a costume.  Needless to say there’s something about filling up a pumpkin bucket with candy that got him raring to go.  Just hours before our departure Jacob proudly proclaimed that he would not stop trick or treating until he had 100 candies in his bucket and I, knowing my son all too well, envisioned pit stops with us sitting on the roadside counting out each candy until he had met his goal.  Thankfully, it did not go down like that and I’m pretty sure that what ended up in his bucket was far more than 100 candies and I think he was sufficiently impressed with his “haul”.

I haven’t seen a  Halloween as cold as last night in years and sadly the frigid below zero temperatures forced Violet out of her cute lady bug costume because I could just not subject her to the tutu and tights she was supposed to wear.  Luckily for us Jacob’s old lion costume (one of my personal favs of all time costumes to love) was ready to make an appearance and Violet proudly roared her way around our neighborhood…literally.  It was a missed bag of tricks for our littlest creature because she being a few days behind in the cold that we’ve been sharing with each other was not feeling too fantastic.  After about an hour outdoors going door to door she had had enough and we knowing it was well past her bedtime took her home for some rest…..well daddy did and I stayed out tormenting the  neighborhood with Buzz Light Year. It was fun to watch Violet and quite curious to see her chose the times when she would thrust into her shyness and the times when she would becoming this outgoing little being we’ve yet to really see – she adored the thought of candies and chips being put into her bucket even though she had no idea exactly what she was getting….how I relish these days with my children.

What more can I say about my 4 year old with the brain of an 8 year old that just continues to amaze me every day of the school year.  After Violet went to bed I spent another hour outdoors with him and our friends Kara and Liam roaming the town in search of more edible goodness.   I found such joy in watching him run from doorstep to doorstep and chuckled quietly when I’d hear someone say “hey look it’ s Buzz Light Year” and Jacob would respond with “no it’s Jacob….i’m just wearing a costume”….that is my boy – totally.  I was worried about his asthma and the lingering cough that has been bringing him down over the past week but it was a great night and we had so much fun together without daddy.

When we got home, Jacob and I, we sat down and went through every single Candy in the great big bag and got rid of anything that contained peanuts or nuts or that had been manufactured in a facility that processed nuts or peanuts – it was our first Halloween managing Violet’s allergy and Jacob gave up his non-safe treats without even blinking his eye.  When all of the sorting was said and done…..we allowed Jacob to eat an unreasonably reasonable amount of candy, brushed his teeth and sent him off to bed.  I have no issue with my kids going nuts and drowning themselves in treats on special holidays because we just don’t fill ourselves up with them on regular days…….and Jacob was very selective about what he did it anyway – all in all a great Halloween…can’t wait for next year.