My Funny Valentines

If you’re a mom you’re probably quite familiar to the old “things never turn out like you planned them in your head” routine.  How many times have you strategized, planned out, and gotten incredibly excited about something you wanted to do with your children only to have it blow up in smoke when the time finally came to execute it?  Maybe I have bad karma or something but this keeps happening to me lately and has in the past also so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised when my plans for Valentines Day with my kids and hubby didn’t go off without a hitch.

I set the alarm so that I’d wake up on time to make the kids and that Daddy guy a hot breakfast of pink pancakes but my alarm malfunctioned and I over slept so while the pancakes did get made and enjoyed…the whole experience was rather rushed and we didn’t get the sit down early morning family breakfast that I anticipated since Mike needed to eat and run.

I knew in advance that I had to take Violet to the fracture clinic for a 12pm appointment so I packed one of the small extra pancakes in our bag and left Jacob behind to go to school with his grandmother.  The funny thing is that when we asked my mother in law if she would watch Jacob and possibly walk him to school I had totally planned on being back in time to get him there….I had an appointment after all right?


Violet and I waited and waited and waited some more at that freaking fracture clinic and didn’t actually get in to see the doctor until 4pm at which point he told he we needed to get an x-ray done so that he could see how the bone was healing.  Are you kidding me?  I just sat in a overpacked waiting room for four plus hours with a two-year old with no toys and no food aside from one small pancake and just now you’re telling me I need to go get an x-ray?  Could I not have gone and done that while I waited with my exhausted starving toddler?  I was furious and Violet was becoming increasingly irritable and after playing with every single thing possible in my purse and singing every action song I knew…..she was at least able to find some enjoyment in playing with the empty ziplock bag and a photo of my niece Sofia.

I had all of these intentions of decorating the house in reds and pinks, making name cards for everyone at the table, wrapping the kids Valentine’s treats up in colourful tissue paper and making homemade pizza from scratch…crust and all.  I wanted to surprise Jacob when he came home from school but of course by the time I got home at nearly 5pm he was already long past home and so Mike and I threw together something as best we could…..he decorating while I made the homemade pizza.  I had planned on making some pink and teal homemade peanut and nut free cupcakes and I was so glad that I had thought to bake them prior to leaving for Violet’s appointment so I was able to surprise the kids with those at least…..their Valentines chocolates although unwrapped and simply handed over were much appreciated and enjoyed by the children….the homemade pizza was a hit….we also made “Love Potion” by adding strawberry syrup to our milk, tapped our glasses together and shouted “Cheers”, and expressed our love for our family at the dinner table.

So it wasn’t the perfectly planned out affair that I had in mind but in the end it was still a good night of enjoying our family and appreciating the love that is always present…despite the stress of life as it surrounds us with its unexpectancies.

The universe has a way of reaching back out at me on difficult days as if to give me an encouraging shoulder pat or fist bump thought….in the middle of our four-hour experience in the fracture clinic waiting room a lady that appeared to be in her late 70’s approached me and sat next to me…she smiled and kindly said she just wanted to tell me from a grandmother that she thought I was a wonderful mother and that she’d been watching me with Violet and noticed how much attention and love I gave her.  She went on to say that she was watching other mothers in the room who were reading the paper, talking on their cell phones, and otherwise ignoring their children while I was playing, singing and engaging Violet in activities and walks around the waiting room….she said she thought I was probably a really great mother….and while it felt weird to hear these words from an observing stranger it sometimes feels reassuring to see that other people recognize your effort….if she could only hear the dialogue in my head just prior to her talking to me..she would have heard me beating myself up for not bringing any snacks or toys to entertain her…..the world works in mysterious ways I tell ya.

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  1. The cool things is that kids don’t really know or care what goes on “behind the scenes.” To them it was just a great Valentine’s Day with Mommy and Daddy!

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