Parent Teacher Conference – A Letter


Your father and I went to your school

to talk to your teacher about you.

She was running behind schedule and

while we waited took a peek at some of your art work.

We were so proud of all of your great effort

so your Dad took pictures of everything we could find

that had your name on it.

We looked pretty funny but so proud of you.

We spoke for a long time with your teacher

and guess what?

Mrs. Kralj is so proud of all your hard work too.

We can tell how much she likes having you in her class

and we know how much you like her too.

She used words like brilliant, advanced

and intelligent to describe you….

and even though we already knew these things

we were still so proud of you.

You are stubborn, sensitive , and sometimes distracted easily

by the toys in the class room she told us……

which isn’t surprising given the fact that you are

just 4 years old in a class with mostly 5 and 6 year olds.

Independent, sweet, and charming are other words

that we all agreed were parts of your personality.

Friends are important to you and the teacher agrees that

because your imagination is so advanced and

the details of it so intricate and complex…..

you often get left out.

I have a feeling this might be a struggle for you through the years….

Finding your place amongst friends I mean….

but you will get by fantastically I’m sure.

Today you told us you wanted to be the first person to go to Mars

which wasn’t surprising given the way you think.

You can be anything you really want to be with hard work

but know this much….

School is so very important to your life.

You seem to love it right now and we hope

that the zest and appeal will remain for a long while.

You give us so much to be proud of

and we can’t help but….




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