Reflections of Easter Weekend

Easter weekend has come and gone and unlike the busy Easter weekends of the past this year found us enjoying a more-laid-back-just-the-four-of-us kind of Easter and it was really fantastic.  I’m sure most of my readers by now know that I am a working mom and the bulk of my hours are in the late afternoon through the late evening and this works for me because it allows me most of the benefits of being a stay at home mom without actually being a stay at home mom (more of that will be talked about in a post soon)…..the con of my job is that I work about 50% of the weekends through the year and if they fall on a holiday I am for the most part stuck working the holiday… I wasn’t surprised when it was my lot this year to work the Saturday and Sunday of the Easter weekend.  I was lucky enough to have Good Friday and Easter Monday off to celebrate with family and friends if need be and of course I didn’t start work until 230 in the afternoon on Easter Sunday so I had all morning to celebrate.

We chose to have a quiet Easter morning with just the four of us and it was really nice!  Jacob needed some new sporting equipment for his T-Ball team so we incorporated it into the kids Easter gifts and got Violet a few things also so while it looked like the kids were being “spoiled” for Easter it was in fact things we needed and would have purchased regardless of the holiday.  Everyone has their own interpretation of what is an appropriate holiday gift and for me I always intended to get my children one outfit, some treats, one video, a small toy, and a book – this year it just got switched up a little because we needed the sporting equipment.  I don’t ever feel bad for the way we do the holidays here as I don’t often if ever buy my kids toys in between their birthdays and holidays and since Violet’s birthday is right next to Christmas we often look for excuses to buy her some things to change and grow with her at the half-year mark – Easter seems like a good time for a new puzzle or a new book.

The kids worked together to hunt for eggs on Easter morning and spent time enjoying the new sporting equipment on a family trip to the park on Easter Monday – we finished the day off with a nice ham dinner….today I am feeling the exhaustion of the holiday combined with working long hours but I press forward and continue to do whatever it is that I do to get through the heavy work/mother schedule combination – had my one day off and now today it is back to work for me!  I had so much fun with the kids decorating eggs, baking cookies, hunting for eggs, and kicking around the soccer ball….best of all this Easter weekend we saw some pretty nice temperatures which was the first sign that maybe spring really is here?


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