25 Months Old – A Letter


Today you turned 25 months old.

People generally stop counting the months when they hit the 2 year mark

But I can’t stop counting.

I am torn between wanting you to stay put in your littleness

and wanting you to grow and experience the world.

Today was your first “time-out” and

you cried hard because you didn’t understand

but you will.

You are bubbly and brilliant

so sweet and funny….oh so funny.

You try to say your name and it sounds like

why-wet instead of Violet.

You are determined and tough

but so stubborn

You get that from me – I think.

You love dancing and twirling and baby dolls….

but you don’t like a pillow in your crib or corn – on the cob or off.

Your hair is fine and soft…..

It can’t decide if it is blonde or brown.

You are short and have small feet

you don’t get either of those things from me.

You can sing your abc’s and count to 10

and I love that L-M-N-O-P sounds like elmo-pee

and that you always jump from 3 to 5 when you’re counting.

You love colouring and drawing and

hold a pencil better than most 4 year olds I know.

You always want to do everything for yourself

and it makes me want to cry hard because

I miss doing things for you….

Even though I’m proud of you….

So proud.

People say you look like me when I was small

that makes my¬† heart sing with happiness because…

I want to be with you always.